Free Netflix DNS Codes for US

Every single day we watch our favorite movies and series at Netflix. It’s our lifestyle nowadays, isn’t it? But what should you do if you need to watch it from abroad? Any solutions? What kind of DNS setting may you need? And here we are. In this article (at least we hope so) you will find all the necessary information on how to access American (or even Canadian) Netflix on your device – laptop, Smart TV, XBOX One, PS4 or any other of yours. Sounds good, right? Let’s start?

What are American DNS codes needed for?

The first question which should be asked – what are you looking for? Let’s assume you are an USA citizen but you’re in another country now and you have a USA Netflix account, it means you do already have the American US to access your US Netflix account.

As you know DNS addresses are codes. According to the source, The Domain Name System (DNS) allows the names of websites with their basic IP addresses which adds efficiency in this process. These codes can be used by U.S. citizens who are currently abroad due to business trips, travel and more, and want to enjoy watching their favorite Netflix series or movie. Please notice, this codes list is not created to allow anyone to break the existing terms of the agreements or streaming rules and to be able to watch US Netflix even from another country.

Why people try to access US Netflix account in another country?

Free Netflix DNS Codes for US 2021
Accessing Netflix with Smart TV

There are so many alternatives and opportunities, right? Not that simple. As some have seen firsthand, Netflix’s streaming movie offerings in other countries don’t compare to those of Americans or Canadians. Not even close. That means more options and much more choices for each of the users. We have collected all the best information available in the internet sources into one article to make your search completed. Follow technologeek blog and read the best news from the tech world.

This list of the American Netflix DNS codes should be working on Android devices, Xbox and PS4 consoles, IOS (Iphone, Ipad) devices, PC, laptops and even on Smart TV. Just follow the instructions below:

Recommendation: Don’t forget to use VPN service for this purpose to eliminate the security risk. There are many trully good options like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or free Opera VPN. Please, remember that using US DNS codes from the sources which are not verified may be risky for the security of yours. Here are the first two of them:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: or

What steps should you do If DNS codes for Netflix don’t work

  1. Use a new DNS code and confirm it on your streaming device.
  2. Unplug (or even turn off) your device.
  3. Disconnect your modem.
  4. Disconnect the router.
  5. Connect the modem + wait for it to turn on and connect to web..
  6. Connect the router and do the same step from the #5
  7. Turn the device on.
  8. Check its workablity once again. Should be working by now.

Settings: How to set an american DNS code on each device?

Free Netflix DNS Codes for US 2021
Setting Netflix DNS codes for iPad

Consoles: Xbox One

The path: Settings – Network – Advanced Settings – DNS Settings – manual. Enter DNS numbers.
Note: If the settings do not appear on the home screen, choose “My Game and Apps”, then “Settings”.

Consoles: PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The path: Network Settings – Internet Settings – disconnect the Internet (yes).
Select the custom option. Keep all settings by default except DNS settings. Choose the “Manual” option. Enter DNS numbers. Save new settings and reboot PS3 device.

TVs: Samsung Smart TV

The path: Settings – Network – Network Settings – Start (choose Wi-Fi if you have) – IP Settings – DNS Settings.
Enter your new DNS settings and watch whatever you want.

TVs: Vizio TV

The path: HDTV Settings App – Network – Manual setup – Preferred DNS.
Now you’re able to choose Primary and Secondary DNS codes for new device.

Consoles: PlayStation 4 (PS4)

The path: Settings – Network – Set up internet connection – Use Wi-Fi – custom.
After that – choose “Automatic” – “Do not specify” – “Manual”. Change primary and secondary DNS codes of yours.
Next – Automatic – Do not use – Test Internet Connection. Go to the Netflix stream and see the result.

Consoles: Xbox 360

The path: Settings – System – Network Settings – WiFi network – Configure Network. Now choose the box option with DNS address. Select “Manual”. Then try to edit both DNS servers. Now – choose “Test Xbox Live Connection”. Done

TVs and gadgets: AppleTV, iPad, iPhone guide

The path: Settings – Wi-Fi – Information – DNS. Choose and enter any of Netflix DNS codes (mentioned before of after) manualy into the Fl DNS box & save new settings.
If you still have any issues – try to reload your device.

Latest three Netflix DNS codes (2020-2021) for the Unites States citizens

Primary codes settings:
Secondary codes settings:

Primary settings:
Secondary settings:

Primary DNS settings:
Secondary DNS settings:

Primary DNS settings:
Secondary DNS:

Those codes should be used carefully. Just remember about all the risks while using them. We hope this article may help you to find a solution you were looking for. We will also update it when we get new (working) DNS codes.