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  With the development of social media, photos have become an integral part of our lives.  To be able to create neumovypny photos, the same as your favorite bloggers in insti is a nice thing in itself, Vershinin will tell you about the basics of photography, the subtleties of working with different types of cameras, photo processing, etc.

Little secrets of successful photos.


  Light is one of the most important things in photography.  It is what determines the photo, clarity and quality.  It is best to take photos in daylight, but there are many good helpers.

  Composition or background.

  Without a sense of harmony in the composition is unlikely to create a really good photo.  You have to understand the purpose of the photo, create an idea, and realize the composition

  The best tool for creating a composition for a photo is the golden ratio rule.  There is a rectangular grid that divides the frame into nine equal rectangles.  In all modern phones, cameras you can turn it on with the settings.  The idea is that all the important parts of the composition should be placed along the lines, and the main part – at their intersection.


    Super you were able to create a photo.  You created a cool composition, perfect light, in short, you did everything right, but something is missing to complete the photo – it’s photo processing.  This includes correction and retouching.  Landscape and subject photos often only need the former, but portrait photos usually require a comprehensive approach.


  To be good at creating photos, you need to take pictures often and a lot of them.  You don’t have to go everywhere with a camera to take incredible photos, an ordinary smartphone with a more or less decent camera will also help you.  Take photos of everything that seems interesting to you, don’t be lazy to look for interesting details with your eyes, try different angles.  The more and more often you take pictures of interesting moments with your camera, the faster you’ll get your hands on them.

  To be good at creating photographic masterpieces, you need to learn to look at the world around you through the eyes of a small child.  Every little thing deserves your attention, whether it’s a randomly caught smile of a person, a bird in the sky or a ray of sunshine in a window.

  How to take photos on a smartphone?

  Photography on the phone is a real trend that is only gaining momentum today and is clearly popular among famous photographers.  Cameras even in budget smartphones are often of the same quality or even better than some cameras.  In addition, almost everyone has a phone today, which means that anyone who owns a smartphone with a camera can feel like a photographer.

  With a phone camera, you can take a real masterpiece if you follow a few simple rules.

  Choose unusual angles.  No matter what you are photographing, the more original the angle, the more interesting the result.  You can take a portrait from an unusual angle.  And if you want a captivating landscape, lie down on the grass and take pictures of the trees and sky from below.  Learn how to take pictures of simple things with unconventional shots, and you’ll have a masterpiece!

  There is no rubber on the distance between you and your subject.  But try different distances anyway, you will get more shots and you will have many masterpieces instead of just one.

  Think about the background – it’s better to make it original and more or less homogeneous, that way the photo will be perceived better. Try to search Youtube for new background ideas.

  Of course, it takes practice and training to create an extraordinary photo.  But knowing the main aspects of creating a photo is half the battle