Facebook Account

Facebook is the most used social networks, it is a great way to share every day life and have fun with friends. But this website also has negative sides. This article points some fingers at few of them.
Do you really think that Facebook is good for you? Have you ever wanted to delete your account? If this is not the case, here are 4 reasons why you should seriously think about it. We also recommend you to check the other article of ours about best tech CEOs in the world and find more info about Facebook founder.

1. Privacy – Facebook owns your personal informations

Facebook and its developers brought in as much as $5 billion from advertising last year. You probably think that at this price, your personal informations are protected. Does Mark Zuckerberg protect our datas? Not at all, Facebook is always looking to find new ways to monetize its service and prove its worth to investors. This is why they sell your informations to private companies and government agencies. This social network is the largest opt-in community of individuals in the world, it is the best way to gather personal informations.
Facebook makes clear in its Terms of Service that you are surrendering ownership rights to your intellectual property (i.e., your updates and photos). The worst part is that you can not change it in your privacy settings. Everything you publish on Facebook, is owned by Facebook. The only way to protect your datas is to delete your account.
Learn more about these practices on discovery (How Facebook Sells Your Personal Information) and on the Facebook Privacy Chart.

2. Alternatives

Even though the user base of Facebook can be interesting to reach the broader audience, it is not the only social network on the internet. Here is a list of the most popular alternatives to Facebook:

  • LinkedIn – Linked-in is a Professional social networking site with approximately 80 million users worldwide. Good for maintaining professional contacts with colleagues, clients and others. It is also used for recruiting work and employees.
  • Google Plus – This is the social network of Google with some unique features: Circles, Hangouts, Sparks…
  • Twitter – it is a microblogging service. The difference between a microblog and a traditional blog is the content which is typically smaller in both actual and aggregate file size.
  • Instagram  – it is an application to share photos with friends and family.
  • MySpace – Originally the big name in social networking. It is most popular with young people, and has 100 million members. Following a re-branding, it is now specifically stated as being music orientated and targeting young people.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr is part blog and part social networking site. Users can create their own blogs and follow other people’s blogs in a similar way to social networks.

If you want to have a step ahead, learn more about the next generations of social networks: 8 Upcoming Social Networks you Can’t Miss.

3. The content is uninteresting

There are 2 categories of friends on Facebook: the close friends and the acquaintances. All your content come from these persons, but in both case their posts are not interesting. First of all, you probably see your close friends everyday, this is why you don’t really need to communicate with them through a social network. Regarding your acquaintances, they presumably post all sorts of “status updates” that provide information about them doing things you don’t care about.
This is why if you communicate through a social network with these 2 categories of friends, I think that it is a complete waste of time. However, it can be interesting to communicate with close friends that are abroad, then I recommend you instant messaging services.
Here is my top 3 recurring content you can see on Facebook:

3.1 Recycled Wisdom

Meaningless quotes have invaded Facebook. The worst thing is that nobody really understands them even the publishers, because they are always out of context. Here is what you should respond to the publishers of these quotes:

“The answers to life questions are not on Facebook. Don’t be a victim of mindless copycats”, said by Einstein S

3.2 Too many internet memes

In recent months, Facebook users have discovered memes and so have deluded that any picture with words on it is automatically funny. The problem is that one does not simply use a meme correctly. Furthermore, most of them are recurring and all these memes desacralize themselves.


3.3 Pictures of Baby

Baby’s first bath. Baby’s first tooth. Baby sleeping. Look at how cute, how adorable, so sweet. But you don’t really care about these pictures. Did you know that it was possible to remove all your babies from your newsfeed by replacing them with cars, cats and bacon strips? Check this chrome extension here: Unbaby.

4. It is possible to delete your account

If you deactivate your Facebook account, you will still show up on your friends’ Friends Lists. In the event that you reactivate because Facebook stored your account, profile, friends, pictures, status updates, and everything else. But this don’t protect you against privacy selling. There is only one way to permanently get rid of Facebook, go to this page: delete your account.