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Car audio

Every car owner wants to create comfort in his or her car to drive the car and enjoy it. It is possible to provide a comfortable atmosphere in a car in different ways—for example, comfortable covers, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, tinting, or even an additional heater. There is a category of people who need music for comfortable driving. We recommend the mercedes burmester sound system for those who enjoy listening to music in a car. The choice of car acoustics should be approached wisely. We can say that the sound system is chosen individually for each person. So, every car owner ever decides how to choose an audio system for a car?

Types of speakers

When choosing a sound system for your car, you need to know the speaker types. There are three types of speakers: wideband, coaxial, and component. It sounds complicated and incomprehensible. So let’s look at some examples.

  • A broadband speaker is the cheapest, but also quiet. It consists of one soft speaker, which is enough for quiet music or radio. Usually, this system is already built into budget cars. If not, then you can buy it.
  • A coaxial speaker is a more advanced level, where several speakers are installed in one body. A separate speaker is responsible for each frequency (sound or voice). Therefore, the sound quality is better. If you choose coaxial speakers, you have to remember that they are usually installed in inexpensive large cars, such as trucks, minivans, or buses. 
  • Component speakers are the most expensive and cool. It is a small music center in which each speaker is in a different body and is responsible for reproducing bass, middle and high frequencies. Jazz fans, for example, will perfectly hear every musical instrument and feel the effect of being at the concert. The more advanced ones are equipped with subwoofers (passive and active) and audio crossovers.

A subwoofer is designed for low frequencies (20-70 Hz). An active subwoofer differs from a passive subwoofer by having a built-in amplifier. A crossover is a unique electrical filter that creates the necessary frequency ranges.

Main characteristics


Pay attention to the size of the speakers when choosing an audio system. Prominent speakers are for low frequencies (reggae, electronic rock). Small speakers (tweeters) – are for high frequencies (for example, female vocals). The most versatile models are 16-17 cm wide. And if you want to choose the optimal sound and wide range, then take two small speakers for the bass and midrange (this is how a cello sounds).


There’s no way to choose speakers for your car without considering their power. It is one of the most critical but ambiguous characteristics. There is a nominal and maximum power. The first is the one with which the speaker works as long as possible and does not distort the sound. The second is the full sound produced in a short time. The higher the figures, the louder and more prosperous the sound. The boxes indicate the RMS capacity: the first – as RMS, the second – as PMPO. For example, the speaker’s power is not higher than 40-55 watts. If the speaker power is higher, you will need a unique amplifier to not lose sound quality.

What kind of speakers should you choose for your car considering nominal or maximum power? Focus on the little – it shows what the system is capable of.

The capacities of the same speaker system can be different. For example, a low-priced component speaker might have a nominal power of 40 watts and a maximum of 150 watts. It is better when these figures differ by not more than three times. If you want a universal variant, focus on the 50W nominal power and 150W maximum power.

Typical size

To choose the right speakers in the car, you need to know their typical size (the standard that determines the size of the speakers for the car). It is specified in the model name. The most common are round car speakers 10 cm (4 inches), 13 cm (5.25 inches), 16.5 cm (6.5 inches), and oval 15×23 cm (6×9 inches).

Speakers are installed in specially designated places in the car. To fit there, the model must be the correct size. Refer to the outer diameter of the speaker.

The speakers are installed on special podiums. Sometimes when tuning, cut holes in the body from the inside, but it is better not to do this.


How to choose the speakers in the car, considering the installation? If you install a system incorrectly, you will not hear a difference in sound but simply spend money. Manufacturers offer several places in the front and rear of the car, where you can install speakers: panels, doors, trunk, mirror corners – depending on what kind of car. You need good quality vibration and sound insulation when installing speakers in the doors. Leave a small distance between the speakers and the subwoofer if you install the system at the car’s rear. The best place for a “midbass” is in the rear doors; the subwoofer – is in the trunk. Install the midrange speakers and squeakers in the front of the car.


You decide which audio system to choose. But it is essential to consider, first of all, where they will be installed and in what car. The bigger the vehicle, the more speakers will fit in it. In small cars, it is better to have not a lot of speakers, but good sound quality. You do not need component acoustics in such vehicles. It will not be possible to enjoy the sound quality: too little space.

An ordinary broadband sound system will be enough for small and budget cars to listen to the radio.

For music lovers who spend a lot of time on the road, coaxial acoustics are suitable.

If your budget is not limited, and you want the sound and bass to be heard by everyone around you, choose a component system.

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